learning ENGLISH and ITALIAN

connecting two languages


Here you can find some useful websites which offer lots of free exercises. For your convenience, I have created four sections.

Choose the area you are particularly weak in and devote at least 15 minutes every day to improve your English! If you have any questions, email me, take part in my blog discussions or call me My status .

If you want, I suggest you test your language level here:

(1)   (2).

Have fun!



Choose your language level, then click on the following links: you will find hundreds of listening exercises! REMEMBER: listening is the most important skill for your successful English learning! Watch this video to realize how important the English sounds are! Have fun!

- Test your listening level:  (1)   (2)

- Learn the English Phonetics:  (1)  (2)  (3)   How many English accents are there? Well, find it out here... and have fun!

- Basic conversations (listen and read)

- Easy conversations (American English)

- Listen and write (click on Listening - Easy)

- Intermediate listening (with pre- and post-listening exercises)

- Listening comprehension exercises (American English on three levels: easy, medium, intermediate)

- Listen and watch (click on the left top side 'Watch culture videos')



Speaking is the only way to improve any language. You can find lots of people eager to talk online. Here are some useful opportunities:

ESL chat room

Dave's ESL Cafe's Chat

www.babbel.com (register and join Chat)

You can also speak with a robot!



Test your reading comprehension level  here. Then practise your reading skills getting access to one or more of the following websites:

- Time4English (choose English Lessons on the right)

- Easy readings (American English)

- Short stories (read and listen)

- History, culture and people from English speaking countries

- International news (advanced level)

- Read and listen  (two speeds)

- Breaking news (with lots of exercises)



Writing is not the most important skill in a foreign language. Anyway, start writing what you hear. Dictations can help you!

- Short / Medium / Long online dictations

- Graded Dictations

Do you want to write a story now? It's very easy! Don't you believe me? Try this, then!

Go on with different activities which will teach you how to write in English.

Write texts and some native speakers will correct them for you: join this site.

If you are keen on writing now, see how to write letters and postcards


And if you want to get more exercises (even grammar, vocabulary, language games etc.), click here or here.




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